Big Wedding, Small Wedding – Size Doesn’t Matter!


It can get crazy! There are hundreds of things to attend to, most of which you’ve never really had to think about so you can get quite stressed. Your mother wants this, his mother wants that, and everybody who’s ever been married (and quite a few who haven’t) have an opinion on how your wedding and reception should be conducted.

Deep breath, take a step back and relax. It’s normal to get frazzled by having to deal with so many details. You may actually be considering eloping, just to avoid all the hassle.

It’s true that you could do that. It can actually be both fun and very memorable to run off to a hidden paradise and be married under the stars in a place where you don’t know anyone.

On the other hand, think of all the fun you’ll miss. Think of the joy of having your loved ones all together in a reunion of sorts. Imagine it as a party where your loved ones on both sides get to meet and mingle and become one family. You won’t get that chance if you elope.

Spread your happiness. Be a beacon of joy and hope to everyone around you. Let your loved ones share in the wish for happy ever after.

Big wedding, small wedding – the size isn’t what’s important. You can have your wedding with only your immediate family and it would be great. Your family and friends know that what matters is that you finally make your decision to be together a solemn vow by saying, “I do”.

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