Best Man Wedding Speech Do’s and Don’ts


Here are a few common sense rules for writing and giving a best man wedding speech or toast. Let them be a mini-guide to help you gain control over the outcome of your toast.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment

Writing a best man toast isn’t always as easy as it seems. You’ll stress yourself unnecessarily if you think you can write a toast the night before the wedding but instead experience writer’s block.

Don’t Tell Bad Jokes

We expect toasts to have a joke or two, but everyone has different tastes. Try not to say anything that would offend the couple or guests. If a joke bombs, it makes you look bad.

Don’t Ramble On

Assume your audience has a short attention span and will tune you out if you don’t make your point right away. Stick with things that are relevant about the bride or groom.

Don’t Be Drunk

A little alcohol may loosen up some inhibitions, but too much will make you look like a fool. If you had prepared well for the speech beforehand, too much celebrating may have destroyed any chance of delivering the speech that might have been perfect.

Do Be Prepared

The more time you give yourself to plan, write and practice the wedding speech, the better your performance will be at the wedding party.

Do Ask For Feedback

Allow a friend to hear your speech and ask for constructive feedback. Re-write your speech and recite it aloud again until your friend thinks you got it right.

Do Be Yourself

Write and speak from your heart. Allow your personality to blossom from your speech. Being natural will make giving the wedding speech easier. Let the guest enjoy your uniqueness and they will appreciate your speech even more.

Do Enjoy Yourself

It’s uncomfortable to see and hear a nervous speaker. Everyone, including the speaker wants it to end. If you look like you enjoy being the best man and giving the toast, then everyone else will be at ease and enjoy listening. Try to have a little fun; after all, it is a wedding party.

Final Thought

You will be giving the best man toasts. You’ll never forget this life event. Make the most of it by putting 100% of yourself into it. You’ll never regret doing it if you do everything right.

Copyright ฉ 2006 by Leroy Chan

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